For The Love

Love the EARTH
Love the ANIMALS

Staying True

Stay true to nature. It provides us with everything we need to survive, from air and water to a nutrient rich diet. Everything we need can be grown from the Earth. Pretty magical, right?

Plant Based

Power yourself with plants. Get creative in your cooking. Eat guilt-free goodness everyday and you will notice a huge difference in your health and well being.

Health & Fitness

Eating well and exercising go hand in hand, they both benefit each other in many ways. Sweat everyday for at least 30 minutes, enjoy exercise! A healthy body is a healthy mind.


Adopting a plant-based life style is a conscious way of living.

Animal agriculture is a leading cause of habitat destruction, water pollution and species extinction. In addition to mass farming having detrimental effects on the planet & ending countless innocent lives, eating animal products also has negative effects on your health. So cook plant-based food instead… Here are some ideas to get you started:

Vegetable & Lentil Casserole

Yield: 6 portions For those colder evenings, try this one pot vegetable and lentil casserole. Packed with nutrients and protein, it makes for a hearty, healthy meal that will last[…]

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Tandoori Tofoo Salad

What a delicious mix of flavours, the already smoked Tofoo seasoned with Tandoori spices on a bed of refreshing salad. The perfect healthy vegan lunch or side dish packed with[…]

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Potato Salad

Now that summer is on its way, here is the perfect BBQ accompaniment, with its creamy yet zesty flavour, with added oupmh from the gherkins, it is THE most delicious[…]

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