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As you may know, FGR, being the worlds greenest football club gets a HUGE amount of media attention. Here are some videos and articles I have featured in.

Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast

My first TV appearance in June 2018 was on ‘Jamie and Jimmys Friday Night Feast’ Jamie Oliver and I cooked BBQ Jackfruit Buns with Couscous and Salad for the players and staff. The episode was aired on Chanel 4 in October 2018. You will be able to catch this episode on my Instagram IGTV page.

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Watch me cook with Jamie Oliver

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It was so inspiring working with Jamie Oliver, such an amazing chef and great guy

Changing Places with Jimmy Bullard

One of the highlights of my year was working with Jimmy Bullard when he visited FGR late last year. I prepared some ingredients for him and he did his thing by cooking the players a nutritious meal – whilst having a right laugh in the process!

Lots of Laughs.

BBC ‘Eat Well For Less’

BBC – Eat Well for Less.

We filmed this with the BBC’s Eat Well For Less? Show, at @Forest Green Rovers Football Club last season – it hit the TV screens last night. Moving to a plant based diet is one of the big things we all need to do to tackle the Climate Crisis, it’s also really important for human health more directly (since animal products are at the root of major chronic illnesses worldwide) and of course it saves an awful lot of animal lives – 1 billion a year in the UK alone. If we all gave up eating animals in the UK we would free up 75% of the land currently used for farming and we could give that back to nature, reversing the incredible decline in wildlife in Britain these last 50 years or so (due to intensive farming) – at the same time this land will act as a carbon sink, helping us become a carbon neutral country by taking care of the hard to reach residual emissions (estimated by the Climate Change Committee at 2 – 3% of UK emission).It’s a win all round; climate, human health, animal rights, wildlife and carbon neutrality.Catch the full episode on the BBC iPlayer (if you're in the UK)

Slået op af Dale Vince i Torsdag den 17. oktober 2019
FGR Featured on BBC ‘Eat well for less’ Chris Bavin and myself made a Vegan Curry Pie together on the episode. We had a lot of fun filming this episode too!

BBC Saturday Kitchen

FGR appeared on BBC Saturday Kitchen, taking all things vegan, sustainable and football below is a copy of the episode from my IGTV page.

Galileo – German News Channel

FGR appeared on German News Channel Galileo. Absolutely awesome to see FGR’s ethical message is being heard in other countries too.

Joe – Plant Powered

In this episode of Plant Powered, Joe teamed up with Oatly who travelled to FGR to find out exactly why we became vegan – and how it impacts performance on and off the pitch.

The Bloody Vegans Podcast

PART 1: Jim and I chat about my journey to veganism and my role as Head Chef at FGR

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