Pulsin Protein Pancakes & Strawberry Sauce

Feel Good Recipes

To celebrate Pancake Day 2020 I teamed up with Pulsin and made the delicious pancakes with strawberry sauce using their amazing protein powders. These pancakes are not only easy to make; they also contain two hits of plant-based protein in both the pancakes themselves and the delish strawberry protein sauce (yum!)

I has used our Unflavoured Pea Protein in this recipe. With 80% protein and a neutral flavour, it is the most versatile powder in their range. It can easily be mixed with sweet or savoury dishes and is heat stable, so it is also a great way of  adding a protein boost to hot soups and casseroles!

Pulsin’s Red Berry ‘Immunity’ Supershake has 20g of complete plant-based protein per serving and has a perfect complex of Vitamin C and live bacteria to support an active immune system. Not only can you add our Supershakes to recipes like this one, the blend of red berries when added with water, make it a great tasting and easily digestible protein drink on the go, which is rich in Vitamin C and Pro-Biotics.




  • For the Pancakes:
  • Add all ingredients to a large mixing bowl, whisk until thick and bubbly
  • Add oil to a frying pan, let the frying pan get hot for 2 minutes
  • Pour the batter into a jug
  • Once the pan is hot pour the batter into the frying pan to the size and depth you like your pancakes
  • Cook fully on one side, then flip the pancake and cook on the other, it will only need a couple of minutes each side
  • For The Sauce:
  • Add all ingredients to a blender, once blended, drizzle over the top of the pancakes
  • Cut fresh strawberries and blueberries for the topping (or anything you like!)